Friday, March 12, 2010

want some fun in the dark? ;)

who wouldn't want some fun in the dark?
especially since it comes complete with a makeup mirror that lights up on its own.. lol.

i can imagine how much fun too faced cosmetics branding and product team must have coming up with these cute, fancy and sometimes naughty ideas. i simply love the brand's retro style and packaging, especially their quickie chronicles range :)

fun in the dark - such a cute name for a makeup palette... very apt too, because with this you can actually switch off the lights in your bedroom and have some fun putting on makeup in the dark - with the aid of the mirror's led-lights.

don't forget to check out the cover picture on the case too.. hehehe.
ooh... some kind of fun in the dark indeed, erh? ;)

priced at USD32.50, this value-for-money palette comes with 4 eyeshadows + 2 lip shades + 1 blush + 1 bronzer. one possible deal breaker here though, is the unfortunate choice of boring colours in it - i find them kinda dull and disappointing, especially to match a palette this cheeky. a pity.

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