Thursday, March 04, 2010

spot the l'occitane wild cherry tree...

saw this little banner in l'occitane singapore's February enewsletter, caught my attention...

i didn't intentionally keep a lookout for the new wild cherry tree range ads. after that but happened to see one (on a bus) right in front of me at the traffic lights this morning, so i just had to take a snapshot on my iPhone and MMS it *smile* (yea.. i'm a sucker for such "activities".. hehe).

received an SMS reply after that to claim my free 15ml hand cream (T&Cs apply, as usual)... i wonder if the freebie is still "in stock" by now? :)
we shall see..

i do like the interactivity of this campaign.. encourages participation,
easy enough and kinda fun too!

ps: perhaps i should try my luck and bet 4D on that bus number plate.. lol. looks like a nice number, don't you think? :P (disclaimer: nope, i am NOT a gambling addict!)

pps: just an update - i did manage to redeem my free 15ml hand cream from l'occitane :) went to ngee ann city store 2 days after this blog entry... it was fuss-free, all i had to do was flash my SMS, verify my details with the sales assistant, sign against the form and voila! it was no scam at all! :)

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