Monday, March 08, 2010

Old Navy - supermodelquin super search

hmm.. i can't decide if i wanna call this:
(i) innovative,
(ii) interesting,
(iii) cute, or
(iii) kinda weird

check out this recent marketing initiative by Old Navy -
SuperModelquin Super Search.

here's how it works:
challenge 1 ("pose with the plastic pros") - during the upload phase, visit a participating Old Navy store to pose and take a photo with a SuperModelquin. You will be required to bring your own camera and a friend to take your photo. then, visit the website and follow the directions to upload the photo into the appropriate category.

challenge 2 ("modelquin makeover") - during the upload phase, visit the website and upload a photo of yourself, or your child. then, choose from pre-existing options to create a Modelquin that most resembles the photo. follow the links and instructions to submit your photo and the Modelquin you created into the appropriate category.

challenge 3 ("lights, camera, plastic!") - during the upload phase, visit the Website and follow the instructions to insert your Modelquin into an Old Navy commercial. then submit a one hundred seventy-five (175) character word script to be incorporated in the commercial.

3 finalists will be shortlisted based on the number of votes they receive. at the end of the contest, one lucky winner will become Old Navy's very own SuperModelquin, get cast into a real plastic mannequin, and walk away with US$100,000 prize.

i guess it's a neat idea.. but i'm not too sure what it'll feel like seeing a life-size mannequin of yourself each time you walk into an Old Navy's store :)

nonetheless, it is actually fun creating a virtual modelquin of yourself, almost like playing online paperdoll (or rather, plastic doll) ;) - give it a try here!

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