Sunday, October 17, 2010

my first forest adventure...

this was what my girlfriends and i did yesterday, probably the most adventurous and fun outdoor activity i've done in a long long while :) it was absolutely nerve-wrecking and oh-so-thrillingly awesome at the same time.

i loved the 'flying fox' - the parts when i'm cruising high above ground flying across the reservoir, not so much the initial big step off the platform - i had to psych myself up for that, and take a huge breath and hold it before each and every jump... but once your feet are off the platform, cruising through the air, it's just a wonderful adrenaline rush all the way :)

my scariest station was the free-fall 'tarzen swing', that may seem simple but trust me, the very moment you stand at the edge of the platform, looking at how high and far the drop is, taking that step off the platform suddenly seems like the most impossible thing to do. lol. well, we all did it anyway. woohoo! *a round of applause for everyone*

so who says there's nothing adventurous to do in Singapore?
go try this yourself.
  • what: forest adventure singapore
  • where: bedok reservoir park (alight and walk from the car park)
  • prices:
    (grand course) at least 1.4m tall, max. 130kg
    - S$36 per adult
    - S$34 per student
    - S$32 per youth below 18 (must be supervised by an adult)
    (kids' course) at least 1.1m tall
    - S$24 per child
  • URL:
  • see what you're in for (promo video)


Maameemoomoo said...

I missed it :(

But hey, good job! I think I would have chickened out. Free fall is so not my thing. Haha!

celest said...

yea.. you should definitely do it sometime. i know you will love it :)