Thursday, October 28, 2010

next stop - mega zip @ sentosa singapore

people who know me usually wouldn't associate me with the outdoor, adventurous kind, and they're right. i'm quite conservative and am generally happy staying within my comfort zone most of the time. but that doesn't mean i don't like to try new things, i do! and i also enjoy an adventure or two every now and then - be it new food, explore a new place / city, attempt a new activity or a new experience... i guess it depends on who i'm doing all that with :)

two weekends ago, i tried the forest adventure @ bedok reservoir park and enjoyed myself more than i'd expected. it was not entirely an easy breezy course for me, but i guess that makes it all the more exciting. and now that i've tried my first 'flying fox' adventure here in singapore, i'm actually craving for more *smile* - so this is what i would love to do next...

(courtesy of MegaZipAdventurePark on youtube)

check out the megazip adventure park @ sentosa singapore.
i've heard of this when we're planning for the forest adventure earlier, but haven't actually checked out the site until i received an email mailer two days ago. whoa! this looks like a lot more challenging and exciting than forest adventure. there seems to be only one 'flying fox' (they call it the MegaZip) but from the pictures, it looks much higher (75m high), steeper and further (450m long) than the one at the bedok reservoir park! it goes across the Imbiah Walk, pass the Siloso Beach, all the way over the water, finally landing on an offshore smaller isle. so cool!

the forest adventure @ bedok is a complete outward-bound-type course that incorporates 3 - 4 'flying fox' rides within it, like a combination of activities that you can find at megazip. whereas the MegaZip @ sentosa is one single ride on a longer and probably more exhilarating 'flying fox' journey across the zip wire. they do have other activities such as the ClimbMax, ParaJump, NorthFace but can be done as a combo package or separately on its own. everything looks really fun and hugely challenging (at least to me), i'm sure this will be a big hit with extreme sports lovers. i've experience something similar to the ParaJump at the forest adventure, and it sure was the most dreadful part for me. lol... i hate the part where you step off the platform and just jump into thin air, but it's also the part where i felt the most accomplished after :) so i'm very certain ParaJump will be a 'killer' activity for me, one that will so tempt me and yet repulse me at the same time.

i haven't actually set a date or make plans to do this yet... still looking for the right friends to try it together. but this is a definite to-do on my list. if not everything (i'm not sure if i'm fit enough to conquer NorthFace), at least MegaZip and ParaJump, and perhaps ClimbMax too, if i feel confident enough *adrenaline rush*... woohoo!

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