Thursday, October 14, 2010

this is how a McDonald's Happy Meal looks like after 180 days...

let's take a look at an interesting photography project - the McDonald's Happy Meal Project, or view the original photos posted on Flickr by Sally Davies.

granted this 'Happy Meal Art Exhibit' was created and photographed in New York City, where weather conditions are generally cooler and less humid than it is here, it is still quite scary to imagine how the 'meal' could withstand decomposition for that long..
180 days, that's 6 whole months!

and if you think the insane amount of preservatives in the food is the sole reason protecting it from decomposition, read this...

"But scientists say preservatives aren't the main reason why the Golden Arches' food won't break down -- it's fat. Fries and burgers sold by McDonald's are high in fat -- more than 50 percent of the calories found in McDonald's french fries come from fat, the same amount as in the restaurant chain's burgers.

"Anything that is high in fat will be low in moisture," Washington State University Professor Barry Swanson said. Low moisture on a surface means mold can't grow, which means the food can't decay. And don't forget the salt."

i really can't decide which is worse :P

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