Monday, October 04, 2010

i've got swings on my wall :)

i like whimsical items, and that shows in the things i have around me - personal items, cosmetics packaging, notebooks, pouches, desktop decorations, outfits etc.

now i even have whim on my bedroom wall.. hehe.
check it out...

isn't this just so adorable and sweeeeeeeet? :)
it was love at first sight, i like how carefree the kids look, the simple colours, the silhouettes. i didn't plan on getting this but when i saw it, i could immediately picture it in my bedroom, exactly where i wanted it to be.

i chanced upon this tiny corner booth at Plaza Singapura on saturday, and saw this in their catalogue. i had previously seen wall decals/stickers at friends' homes, mostly in their nursery or baby rooms, and knew there were plenty of designs and styles for different preferences and surfaces, but just never quite paid much attention to them until i found the perfect one for myself. the prices were quite reasonable, between S$10 - S$50 for most designs/sizes, and they're reusable too. i got mine at S$20 (approx. 1m x 1m size).

the entire picture came in over 20 separate parts, took me about 20 mins. to carefully peel off and transfer them piece by piece onto the wall next to my bed. i had to pause and take a few steps back to survey the entire view a few times, to make sure everything fits correctly and nicely in place, not too low, not too high. it's fairly simple and easy to do it yourself, a very fun mini bedroom makeover project too. i really enjoyed putting it together and seeing the whole picture come together at the end, it's simple fun and somewhat fulfilling too :)

last night, i went to bed smiling as i admired the image on my wall. even as i laid in bed, i couldn't stop staring up at the wall until i drifted off to sleep....

check out other designs here.

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