Sunday, October 10, 2010

happy perfect 10 day! :)

today is 10.10.10.
whether you input this date in the UK or US format (or even in the Chinese format of
年/月/日), it's still the perfect 10. isn't it beautiful? :)

some people wouldn't even get the chance in their lifetime to experience this - a once in a century event. i feel special just being a part of this day.

so, happy perfect 10, everyone.

have a perfect day!

here's a little message to share (excerpt from a Chinese short stories book by author 黄桐):







happiness is like a dog's tail,
no matter how you pursue it,
around and around, you'll never catch up...
but as soon as you abandon the chase, and carry on ahead,
you'll find the tail of happiness, following closely right behind you!

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