Sunday, October 10, 2010

my high school class reunion

today, 10.10.10, may be a special day for weddings (i'm sure the total number of marriage registrations at the R.O.M. today is a record high)... but it's also a special day for me because my first ever high school reunion in 15 years, happened today!

thanks to the power of social networks, reconnection between old (or long-lost) friends are no longer a tedious and time-consuming affair. even though i'm hardly on Facebook (honestly, i actually avoid it), i happened to stumble upon an old high school class photo on a friend's profile page, just at the right time, to find out about the impromptu breakfast meetup this morning! talk about perfect timing.. hehehe.

i don't actively add friends on Facebook, and have not actually established a connection with these former classmates, but i decided to 'gatecrash' the gathering anyway :) at first, i was a little hesistant, not sure whether it would be awkward meeting these girls for the first time after such a long while. i could barely even remember some of these classmates' names, but i figured the feeling would probably be mutual, and i sure didn't want to miss this once-in-15-years chance to catch up with old classmates...

at the end, i'm certainly glad i showed up for it. it turned out to be quite a cozy gathering, just 9 of us (about one-third our class size). i'm not close to most of the girls present but it's amazing how we all broke the ice very quickly, and started sharing details of our lives just like old friends. it's very interesting to see the diversity even in such a small group, how each of us have branched out onto a different path, a different career, a different kind of life, despite having shared a similar educational background. it is encouraging, and inspirational, hearing about everyone's stories and experiences over the years... realising that success and happiness can take form in so many different ways, at different aspects of life, in whatever we choose, even with the occasional challenges that life throws at us. sometimes it's easy to get caught up in our own little world, and forget that other people too, share the same trials and tribulations of today's world, that we're not the only one whom has been through difficult times.

what i thought would be a 30 min. quick meetup eventually became a 3 hour cozy and fun all-girls chit chat session. at the end of it, we exchanged phone numbers (oh you wouldn't believe how many iPhone users there are amongst the 9 of us. lol!), and were already starting to plan for a next gathering at one of the girls' new bacherlorette pad :)

it was a really nice gathering, i had fun.

ps: i just realised THIS entry marks my 100th post for the year.. what a 'perfect 10 day' coincidence, erh? ;)

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