Sunday, August 30, 2009

juicy's latest scent - couture couture

juicy couture has recently launched their latest (3rd) fragrance range for ladies - couture couture.

"Juicy Couture is busting out with a decadent new scent. Let this 'it girl' fragrance inspire you to show off, be loud, talk to strangers, make a scene, and love life!

Juicy girls don't have to do what they're told. They break the rules with style: a delicious perfume in a sparkling flacon, all zipped up with Juicy "J" and crown charms, topped with a shining, golden cap. Inside, contrary pink grape accord makes mischief with orange flower, mandarin, blushed plum, honeysuckle and lazy, creamy sandalwood.

Mix it with love & make the world smell good!

Love, G&P
P.S. Go Couture Yourself"

bottled in juicy's signature charmed, extravagant and elaborate style, you can be sure this is another addition to your dresser that will make you feel nothing short of a true juicy princess.

i personally prefer the original juicy couture bottle with the scottie dogs silver crest (as shown above) - subtler and classier. but as with all juicy's scents, couture couture also retained its vanilla bottom note which is what always draws me to their fragrances - same with viva la juicy. so this definitely on my to-try list too.

singapore's has only introduced the 2nd scent here earlier this week - viva la juicy (which i'd already seen on my seattle vacation last september), so i guess we'll have to wait at least a couple more months before we'll get a whiff of this latest addition. maybe by then, i'd have used up my existing 30ml travel EDP bottle of juicy couture and would be just in time to try another new vanilla-ish scent :)

so which is your favourite juicy scent?

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