Sunday, August 09, 2009

oops, VieCouture did it again...

i have already converted quite a few close friends into fellow fans of VieCouture.. if this goes on, i'd be losing all my readers to VieCouture in no time.. hehe. or if there were a "retweet" equivalent for bloggers, perhaps i might just be "RT-ing" every other post from them instead of writing my own ;)

i can't remember how exactly i first stumbled upon the site, but i certainly have been loyally following VieCouture since february this year. and even after hundreds of posts later, here i am, still amazed at how everything they feature on their site (every single day) never fail to attract or at least appeal to me in some way or another... from clothes, makeup, handbags, to accessories, jewellery, little keepsakes, stationery etc. i keep wondering, how is that possible? how did they find all the things i like? it's almost as though they're my personal shopper, or a wish-list i made myself :)

so VieCouture did it again.
here are some "re-tweets" of their recently featured products that just made me go "oh wow, i would love that!"

original posts here:
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Vie said...

woah.. that's very sweet of you.. thank you so much! we really appreciate it! kudos for you!! <3

Much Love,