Sunday, August 09, 2009

anna sui - flawless finish powder foundation

i've always been more of a powder foundation (rather than liquid foundation) person - it offers decent coverage, is much easier to apply and also feels lighter, less sticky than the liquid form. these days, for faster applications, i've switched to just dusting a quick layer of paul & joe loose powder over my sunblock as my base makeup, allows my skin to "breathe" better this way :)

but on days i want to dress up or look more polished for special occasions, i'd still turn to my powder foundation (or 2-way-cake). compact powder brands i've used include stila, paul & joe, ZA and anna sui. i remember anna sui being my first cosmetic-counter-brand (more expensive) compact powder i bought myself as a reward several months into my first job. needless to guess, it's their gorgeous butterfly/floral packaging (and their lightly rose-scented everything) that got me hooked :) till this day, i've kept my original anna sui compact case - the frosted light-gold case embossed with its signature butterfly print, even though i haven't bought a refill in years.

if you're into pretty packaging like me, then you'd definitely want to check out anna sui's latest moisture rich powder foundation. the entire compact case itself is a classic glossy black rose. makes me wanna get one just for vanity's sake... or to match my anna sui rose-motif ring rouge :P

ps: good news - in case you didn't notice, this is a singapore-website (with a ".sg" suffix), that means we'll finally get news, updates, promotions and even demo videos that are localised for us :) yay!

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