Sunday, August 23, 2009

shoes that are cute but an "irregular choice"

i've never paid much attention to irregular choice shoes before (find the shoes along that particular stretch of takashimaya shoes department a little intimidating - pricey that is ;)). but when i walked pass that aisle on saturday, somehow just couldn't resist trying on this pair of cutey. given how i'm drawn to most things polka-dots and stripes, it's no wonder this pair appealed to me :)

i was on the way to the foodcourt before closing time so didn't manage to check out the details, but i vaguely saw a "50% off" sign on the shelf... if that's the case, perhaps i can then consider getting a pair for fashion's sake *wink*. usual price: S$90.

comes in black, mahogany, teal and a funky name too - flick flack - round-toed and a little less conventional than the typical court shoes, think this would look quite cute paired with three-quarter pants or cropped jeans.

i'm eyeing the black pair now :)

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