Thursday, August 27, 2009

presents from taipei

a colleague just came back from taiwan (taipei) and brought each of us some souvenirs from her vacation :)

for the ladies: the much raved about "my beauty diary" facial mask sheets (we got to choose 3 each) woohoo! i chose the japanese cherry blossom, chocolate and black pearl scented ones - each with slightly different skincare properties. yay, new facial masks to try this weekend :) love the packaging too...

for the guys: lol.. check out the picture yourself. the tagline reads "extra chocolate: choco is better than sex" lol.. too funny, the packaging looks so real. (i remember the "sanitary pad" marshmallows we saw during my taipei trip back in 2007 too). i guess the guys just gotta be careful not to use the wrong one... hehe :P

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