Tuesday, August 11, 2009

yes, i am almost 30 but...

confession #1.
i know grown-ups are not supposed to like hello kitty... and i'm not exactly a fan of it (honest!), but i have no idea why i just had to pick up this set of pocket tissues (not that i have run of stocks at home) when i saw them at the market on saturday.. hehehe.
well, at least they're cheaper than the watsons family pack which i usually buy (btw, i have the sesame street ones too *lol*)... so these are not entirely useless buys, i do carry them in my handbag. have to admit, they're kinda cute but not tooo cute, aren't they? ;)

confession #2.
2 mechnical pencils + 1 pen i bought from comic connection store yesterday. (PINK! polka dots!) and yes, i am actually using them in the office - just not when i'm meeting clients or trying to look professional and sharp :P this way, i can also deter the male colleagues from accidentally "borrowing and misplacing" my pens again ;) ps: the checked one has a stopper top that is shaped like a diamond *wink*

i often wonder if it's just me or do other professional, grown-up, working women get drawn to pink cutesy (borderline childish) stuff too? :) not all the time, but maybe once in a while? just to indulge and satisfy that little need to feel like a kid again? i suspect if i have my own kids some day - esp. daughter(s), i might secretly steal girly toys/stationery/knick knacks from them. lol, i would be a dangerous mommy... hehehe.

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