Thursday, August 06, 2009

ModCloth - i like the dresses on this website!

a friend recently showed me this US-website, and i'm quite impressed with the selection of cute dresses on it :) reminds me somewhat of conversation pieces and alloy online stores.. adorable, girly summer dresses (and other outfits) that are not grossly overpriced ;)

i don't usually shop for clothes - especially dresses - online though. i don't mind browsing, checking out new fashion, ogling over the pretty dresses, and then getting all excited about them.. it's just a little tricky when it comes to actually having to buy something without first trying it on. most tops are fine, but dresses that have to fit perfectly at the right places... are just too much a disappointment if they don't turn out right, unless you are very certain about the sizing.

well, having said that, i still wanna say, go check out ModCloth - because i really like the variety of colourful knee-length dresses it carries. such fun, pretty, flirty outfits. do you agree? :)

PS: i actually have a dress from ZARA that looks exactly the same - even the buttons on the back - as this windy city dress from ModCloth, just that mine's in black. interesting.


Aire said...

Hi Celest,
Thanks for featuring our dresses on your site! We appreciate the support. Happy shopping!
<3 Aire

celest said...

hi Aire,

thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. your dresses and items are really neat, please keep them coming :)