Sunday, August 13, 2006


i had a fall 2 days ago at home. was on my way to the washroom, didn't realise that water had leaked from the washing machine in the kitchen (the pipe has been faulty for some time already).... it all happened so fast, before i could think - whoosh! i slipped and fell hard on my bum - OUCH! no time for me to grab hold of anything for support. fortunately the mugs and glasses just inches away didn't come tumbling down all together, otherwise i'd be in a bigger mess ;p

anyway, it was so painful i had to sit still on the floor for a couple of seconds before i could brace myself up. didn't help that mum just stood by nagging at me for not being careful *duh* (like it's always my fault... if she had slipped, it would have been my fault for not cleaning up the leak in time; but now that i was the one who fell, she blamed it on my carelessness - oh well, i know she meant well afterall)

i've been aching all over since the fall. even though i'd landed on my bum (and yes, there's a nice blueish bruise on my left thigh now) but my lower back, shoulders and neck have been aching all of yesterday and today. not the sharp killing pains, just the kind of achy feeling you get when you overstretch a muscle or something. guess it's from the impact of the fall... *sigh* age is catching up, i really should avoid home-accidents like this :p


carolyn said...

Hope you are feeling much better now. Take care :)

celest said...

yea better today. think getting out and about actually helped :) thanks!