Saturday, August 12, 2006

dots dots please grow....

yay! my ClustrMap is finally showing up!! *clap clap clap* i inserted a new clustrmap on my blog yesterday and today it finally started showing up with tiny little red dots indicating where all my visitors are coming from :)

ok, looking at the miserably small dots on the map right now, maybe it's nothing to shout aloud for afterall :P but i'm just excited to try something new... you know, this teeny weeny sense of achievement when you see something - an image, a new column, a new link or some coloured text appearing on your blog just by inserting some html tags here and there (ok, i must admit i know nuts about web-stuff... most of the time i just cut-&-paste default templates, but that's not too bad already, right?)

i don't exactly go around inviting people to visit my blog, in fact it's quite a personal space that only a few of my friends are aware of. i guess different people create different blogs for different reasons - some are to showcase their talents, some to sell things, some to interact with the world, to be different, to share ideas, to create awareness, to generate income, to market something, to be heard, to become famous etc etc. for me, i started blogging because i wanted to experience this new way of life, to keep up somehow with technology and the new-age media, to create something of my own, and of course also, because S. has a blog (a few blogs actually) and i wanted to be able to share a common interest/ activity in that sense. then eventually, it grew on me and just became something fun to do - like nurturing a plant, you invest time & effort on it everyday, and it'll just keep growing & flourishing :)

anyway, back to the topic of my clustrmap... i should have inserted that the very first day i started this blog, then i wouldn't have missed out all the "footsteps" from the past 7 months. oh well, it's never too late i guess. so dear friends & new visitors, please do drop by whenever you're free, check out a post or two, leave some comments, spread the word... and help those red dots grow bigger & bigger :D


carolyn said...

So cool! I want one too! Hehe. Gonna installed in my own blog :p

celest said...

hehehe.. i just saw it on your blog. i'm sure in no time, your red dots will overtake mine in numbers and size :P