Friday, August 18, 2006

type like a secret agent....

stumbled upon and saw something interesting, check it out - a bluetooth-enabled laser virtual keyboard, ooh la la! this is not a new product (read somewhere that it's launched in early 2005) but since i only found out about it now, no harm featuring it on my blog, even if it's "passe".

this virtual keyboard looks real cool, reminds me of that laser scene in "entrapment" or "mission impossible" :) imagine whipping this tiny gadget out, setting it up at mcdonald's or delifrance, and then intently tapping away on the table's surface under red laser lights... so surreal! besides attracting tons of curious stares and questions, i think it'd make me feel like a secret agent too - 007 or one of the charlize's angels working on some confidential information. hehehe...

back to reality, i don't suppose this product would make it real far. granted it's interesting, cool and "geeky" but i think one would probably end up with bruised fingers with all that prolonged typing on a hard surface - ouch. also, i can't seem to figure out how the red laser lights would work if your hands are blocking the projection stream when typing? hmm...

to find out for yourself, how this thing works - click here.

- i-tech
- thinkgeek

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