Thursday, August 03, 2006

my D-I-Y belts :)

i was never really a belt-person. i figured if i don't have a 24" waist, then i better not be drawing too much attention there :P but recently, i've been getting frustrated with jeans that kept getting looser around the lower waist/ hips area (after prolonged washes)... just don't look too flattering with all those loose bits jutting out.

so i've been thinking of getting some nice and versatile belts to help with the problem. then i got inspired by the girls on cozycot who started getting all creative making their own belts. it's so easy, you don't even have to actually "make" anything. there are 2 shops at people's park complex level 2 (chinatown area) that sells all these pretty buckles made of plastic/ wood/ steel. you select whichever buckle you like, then coordinate them with matching woven/ lace/ stretch canvas belts.... and tada! there you go... your very own D-I-Y belt, no sewing or stitching needed. simple, yet lots of fun. best of all, each complete belt only costs S$7 - 12 on average. (i know some girls are selling them for twice that price on yahoo auctions :P)

check out my creation! :D i love the butterflies <3
plus the black and red belts are reversible... so you can switch sides for different colours. pretty, aren't they? now, no more drooping jeans :)


^cherie said...


I like the white one best.. Perhaps i should go Chinatown one of these days to make some for myself too.. for next year! Lol

celest said...

yup, you should! since these belts are elastic, you can always wear them above your waistline (like the 80's high-waisted-belts look) even into your pregnancy... hehe. then next year you can shorten the belt and wear them the normal way ;)