Sunday, August 06, 2006


i have a secret crush - on this mobiblu MP3 cube player (DAH 1500/ 1500i) since perhaps 1 year ago :) while everyone's crazy over ipods, minis, shuffles & nanos.... mobiblu seems such an unheard-of brand in comparison. i can't even remember how i stumbled upon this cute little cube's picture many many many months ago.... but it sure was love at first sight. this tiny 2.4cm dice-like cube somehow just appeals to me *smile*.

i have never owned any MP3 players. since my workplace was within walking distance from home, i never really saw the urge to get one while commuting, even though the ipod fab was huge. lately, i revisited my "secret crush" and found that the mobiblu MP3 cube2 now comes in more colours, features and functionalities (though i can't imagine who would want to watch a motion video on a 2.4cm-wide screen??!!). nonetheless, the cube's cute factor still wins me over hands-down.

i also just found out that mobiblu is a korean brand - that explains the cutesy-prettiness in it's packaging :) if i ever were to buy my first MP3 player, i guess it could very possibly be this <3

oh... while you are at the mobiblu website, don't forget to check out this very innovative cassette-type MP3 player (looks like a cassette tape, works like a cassette tape, and doubles-up as your MP3 player! incredible!) :)

more images can be found on mobiblu's korean website.

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