Sunday, August 20, 2006

too cute to resist :)

mid-autumn festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunar calendar. this is a time when people go shopping for yummy mooncakes to present to friends and relatives, and kids get all excited playing with candles & paper/ toy lanterns. hotels and bakeries would come up with all sorts of mooncake flavours, designs, packaging etc. to attract consumers.

this year, there is a leap 7th month in the lunar calendar, so mid-autumn festival (otherwise known as "mooncake festival") comes slightly later - 6 october 2006. so there's still plenty of time to shop around for mooncakes.

i wasn't even shopping for mooncakes but came across these too-cute-to-resist mini cartoon ones in a regular bakery (Q-bread) at people's park this afternoon. seeing these mooncakes instantly made me feel like a happy kid - they're so cute, i just couldn't stop smiling :D of course i had to bring some home! there are 9 different designs displayed on the shelves (crab, koala, pooh bear, hello kitty, doraemon, piggie, fish etc.), i was so tempted to grab them all! hehehe... but limited myself to 4 for the time being. i'll be back for more when mid-autumn festival draws nearer. quite sure the prices will hike by then... but oh well.

these are just S$0.60 each or S$2.00 for 4... go grab some too. they're filled with semi-sweet lotus paste fillings, yummy and sooooo cute!!!


carolyn said...

I can't wait for the mooncake festival though I was bit mooncake out last year already :p

I would really love to try ice cream flavored mooncakes.

celest said...

think i only had ice-cream mooncake once many years ago. not exactly a big fan, still prefer the traditional ones (lotus paste with 1 yolk... yumm) - and packaging always get me too ;p