Monday, July 13, 2009

another social media campaign - wrigley's 5 gum

businesses and corporations worldwide have begun to realise the viral marketing power and speed to success of the social media platform. all of a sudden, everyone is talking about and doing something that leverages on youtube, twitter, facebook, myspace etc.

it's all cool and very interesting to follow and watch at the moment, but i have to admit this is getting a little indulgent and overwhelming at times. every single day you're bombarded with yet another new social media campaign, sometimes innovative, sometimes copycat-ish...

having said that, before we all get too fatigued by the mass of such campaigns and too sick to hear of yet another one or even keep up with them... check out this new wrigley's 5 gum initiative. pretty cool, and something different :)

"The aim of the campaign is to encourage consumers to remix content, a spokesman for Wrigley’s told Mumbrella.

The sugarfree gum was launched into stores over the last few days. It comes in three variants – pulse, electro and cobalt.

The site features the work of artists, musicians and designers and invited consumers to create mashups or submit their own efforts."
(more details on mUmBRELLA)

ps: some say the gum packaging looks like condom, i think it's probably intentional... :P and since we can't get chewing gum here, we likely won't be able to see these on our shelves.

(courtesy of the5feed on youtube)

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