Wednesday, July 08, 2009

my new friven & co bedsheets :)

the friven & co singapore office is near my office building, so on our way back from lunch yesterday, my colleagues and i decided to stop by to check out what they have there (it's also a small boutique-ish concept retail store amidst the rows of factories/warehouse buildings).

about 10 mins. later, all of us walked out with something... and i got a new set of bedsheets :P
not that i needed news ones, nor was it for chinese new year or any special occassion, i just couldn't resist the pink rosey prints! hehehe.. look how pretty and vibrant this is!
usual price SGD55, marked down close to 70% - so i paid only SGD18 for this, very good deal! *thumbs up* even though it's 300 thread count per 10 square cm (not the best in the market), the fabric is very soft *heavenly*.. i love it! value for money.. and so pretty! made me a happy girl :)

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