Friday, July 10, 2009

we live in singapura - animated MTV version

some years back, hossan leong made this very singapura piece an instant hit (at least amongst singaporean young folks). soon after, this other animated MTV version of the same rap/song started circulating around.

i personally haven't seen the entire clip up until today. so this is not new, has been around since 2006/2007 but check it out anyway - 5 mins. of laughter, just for fun - the historical facts are real though! in the spirit of our upcoming 44th National Day celebrations... btw, have you hung out your Singapore flag yet? ;)

(courtesy of NCHProductions on youtube)
click here for the original hossan leong in-person performance.

ps: if you don't get the jokes and acronyms, then you're either not living in singapura or not singaporean enough ;)

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