Friday, July 17, 2009

the years are short...

i stumbled upon this in a twitter link.
a sweet little message, just wanted to share and pass it on :)

click here to view the short flash clip: the years are short

sounds cliche.. but so true.
sometimes (though it's often easy to take for granted), we just gotta take some moments to appreciate the little things in life, and cherish what we have.


Fine Life Folk said...

I've read somewhere that this is a reality in most of our lives because we've become a generation of fast track pace. We tend to plan in a hurry and stress about it every chance we get. And after a year of being busy bodies, we look back to the past with regrets. The Chinese put it so well (as depicted in the Kung Fu Panda movie): for us to treat the present as a gift.

celest said...

hi Fine Life Folk, thanks for visiting my blog. yes, that is so true.. "the present is a gift" :)

i must remember this whenever i get upset over small insignificant matters.