Tuesday, July 07, 2009

do these look like M.A.C. makeup palettes to you?

do these rectangular blocks look like M.A.C. cosmetics makeup palettes to you? (esp. the holiday lip/eye palettes)
my boss came across these at a chocolate store at wheelock place - chocolate research facility - and bought some back for us to try. the exterior boxes look so fashionably cool, i would mistake them for makeup compacts if i didn't know :) even the design style, the size of the box etc. all look soooo M.A.C., don't you think? i especially like the safari prints, the alphabets/ checked/ polka dot prints on the boxes.

anyway, i tried a small piece of each - hazelnut milk chocolate, macadamia dark chocolate.. (didn't get to try the irish cream - all gone by the time i got to the pantry *lol*, must be good). for me, the macadamia dark chocolate wins hands down! very smooth, just the right amount of sweetness and so chocolatey, i like!

retailing at approx. SGD8.00 - 12.00 each credit-card-size piece/box, these chocolates ain't cheap but that's kinda expected cuz look at them... such PRETTY packaging, they're almost like art/collectibles. i'm sure the bulk of what we're paying goes to the design and packaging (plus the cool variety of good tasting chocolates) and the interesting retail store display.

i just saw on their website, they actually have a "tea series" too. imagine milk/white chocolates with tea flavours such as earl grey, jasmine, lavender, green tea, bergamot, rose hip, darjeeling, spiced tea (OMG, i soooo have to try this!)... i'm getting excited just thinking of it. mmmm... yummy tummy!

retail stores located at millenia walk and wheelock place, i must go check them out personally soon. very soon :)

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