Monday, July 13, 2009

with these rings, i thee wed ;)

who says you can only wear your engagement ring on your finger?
and who says there can only be one blingy ring? hehehe..

now, you can also wear the ring on your wrist as a.... bracelet clasp...

or have your dream man propose to you with a dozen diamond rings strung on a bracelet - just to make sure you cannot resist but say "i do" :)

so there we go again, juicy couture and their almost funny - but oh-so-creative ways - of designing and presenting their merchandise.

the multi-ring charm bracelet (USD118) is definitely over the top, but the starter-bracelet (USD68) actually looks quite pretty :)

ehem.. but just so you know (guys out there), it'll take quite a bit more effort, creativity and sincerity (a real bling would score bonus points) to blow me away and win my heart *wink* lol.


Blogger said...

Very Creative... Nice.
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rx soma said...

nice, but the second pic is too much for me. but i love accessories! i collect a lot of long necklaces and vintage rings to spice up my outfits! :)

celest said...

thanks for both your comments.

i have quite a collection of accessories too - earrings, chains, necklaces, rings etc. i guess most ladies love accessories, don't we? a different one for each occasion ;)