Thursday, July 09, 2009

a really goode job - final 10

from some 2,000 entries, shortlisted to 50... now they're officially down to the last 10 standing in the quest for "a really goode job".

i must say, some of these video entries are really innovative and refreshing, just like the earlier groundbreaking "best job in the world" tourism queensland campaign - which btw, i really liked this entry from mitch moffit, it's like some broadway musical show.. lol.
(see youtube clip below)

this guy even made a sequel after not making it through.. hehehe.. very creative!

anyway, back to a really goode job, check out the top 10 finalists' clips and make your own predictions to who'll ultimately become the industry's first-ever "wine country lifestyle correspondent" come 21st july 2009 :)

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