Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"very hollywood" indeed

i really like the look of michael kors's new fragrance "very hollywood" - a presentation of soft pinks and golds, the bottle itself surrounded with multi-faceted jewel-like circles, reminds me of those multi camera arrays you see in a video recording studio, or the thousands of flashlights on a red carpet. very glamourous, very bling, very vintage, very hollywood indeed.

i can't tell how much i'd like the scent from the description of its notes, guess i will only find out when this arrives on our shores. but i definitely like the way this looks :)

check out the collection now, on www.veryhollywood.com.

ps: the collection even includes a limited edition luxurious signature pen (USD25) with ink that's scented with very hollywood. sounds a little too indulgent... but then again, isn't that just very hollywood? :)

Very Hollywood
Make a glamorous escape with Michael Kors Very Hollywood. This fabulous essence features notes of sparkling mandarin, gardenia, and vetiver that are suited to a silver screen siren.

Mandarin, Gardenia, Vetiver.
Seductive. Captivating. Luxurious.


carolyn said...

this looks so pretty! i think davis will like it, it has gardenia.

celest said...

hehehe.. maybe we should tempt her ;)