Wednesday, September 09, 2009


it only happens once in a century (for those like us, we're lucky to even get to experience this in our lifetime)...

it's 09.09.09 today.
in chinese, the number "9" sounds like "久" (long time) which also signifies lasting, longevity or eternity, so many couples are thronging to hold a wedding or register their marriage today. I guess we mortals have always been obsessed with the idea of eternity :)

if i could make a list, i'd wish for:

- 09.09.09 happiness (幸福长久)
- 09.09.09 smiles and laughters (欢笑长久)
- 09.09.09 surrounded by family, people you love and people who love / care for you

- 09.09.09 good times (持久好时光)
- 09.09.09 peace (世界丶心竟永远和平)
- 09.09.09 friendship (友情长久)
- 09.09.09 ability to enjoy simple pleasures (永远懂得享受简单的乐趣)
- 09.09.09 no suffering (永无痛苦)
- 09.09.09 true love (真爱永恒)

... and always to cherish and be thankful for whatever we have in our life :)

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