Monday, September 07, 2009

CARGO is now making buttons and cableknits?

wow. i think this must be a new trend in makeup... brilliantly fine embossed details.
(also take a look at the fine embossment on this YSL blush/powder palette)

at first glance, you would think the picture is just some fancy pattern on the packaging of this makeup palette.. it looks like a random page of a fashion designer's scrap book. but on closer inspection, you'll realise that these cute little buttons and cableknit details are actually embossed onto the coloured pressed powder makeup itself! so cool isn't it?

yes, the tiny buttons are actual eye-shadow colours and the cableknit fabric squares are in fact 3 beautiful blushes (i LOVE the shades) and bronzer strips! so pretty, i'm sure some people will find it hard to use (for fear of ruining the details on the powder) ;)

this too-cute-to-resist CARGO runway palette - USD49 (Fall 2009) is a limited edition sephora-exclusive. hurry, go get yours today.

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