Monday, September 14, 2009

i was at the Twestival SG (12 sep)

yes, "i was at the Twestival SG" on saturday - a small-scale fuss-free carnival, an informal gathering space for tweeps (twitter folks) right here in singapore.

great effort from the organisers and other fellow tweeps. i've read they raised approximately S$16,000 from sponsors and S$600 from tickets (coupons) sales - for the children's cancer foundation (CCF)... woohoo, not bad at all!

thanks, @silverycloud for coming all the way to chinatown to attend it with me :)
yay! we're now part of the first Twestival here... hehehe.. even just a teeny weeny small part.


^cherie said...

did u girls have fun???

sorry i missed it :(

celest said...

we didn't exactly spend our coupons there, it was really a very un-fancy, simple carnival, not many kids around :) we ended up having lunch at a nearby eatery (dim sum). it's more the novelty of it.. to experience the first twestival here. but it was fun nonetheless.

you can see some pictures here :)