Wednesday, September 02, 2009

barbie loves stila... and so do i :)

earlier this year, i'd mentioned briefly about the launch of the barbie loves stila makeup range. the first items included the retro signature stila paintcans with 3-pan palettes and lipglosses. very pretty items but i wouldn't say they are must-haves. quite regular, safe colours.. kinda average. and as much as i love stila's products (and like the idea of barbie + stila mashup), this collection just didn't really get to me....

not until i saw this latest barbie loves stila all doll'd up palette, that is :)

stila used to be my all-time favourite cosmetic brand. i remember those days when i always had to make a stop at the CK Tang stila counter at least once every month just to check out their new collections. stila was so fun and quirky then, their eyeshadow and lip palettes came in all shapes and patterns, various designs, themes and styles. even though their colours were usually the standard pinks/browns, olives/greens, plums/purples, blues/greys... their pretty packaging never failed to draw attention. then they got a little boring since being acquired by Estee Lauder companies, and subsequently by Sun Capital Partners.

so i'm glad they're finally trying something a little different this time - 4-pan trios.
each of these refillable pans in this palette is a tri-coloured eyeshadow (so cute!). thus instead of 4 regular shadows, you get to mix and match between 12 different beautiful shades in one compact case! i really like the idea - simple, clean and practical. and best of all, priced at USD28 (for a USD96 value)... this palette is easy on the pocket too!

i wonder if the tiny counter at CK Tang will bring this in (and retain the affordable price)... if not, anyone wanna spree? ;)

ps: the
barbie loves stila smudge pots are pretty too!


carolyn said...

the formula has changed for stila e/s, so it is no longer as soft or pigmented, so not for me since i am not into packaging :p

celest said...

ahh.. oh well. i haven't bought stila for a long time too (not including those mini lipglazes Tanny helped spree recently). such a pity their quality has went down... :(

Kas said...

actually, i have a few new Stila e/s and i feel the quality is still v soft and v v pigmented. Check out temptalia's review on the smudge pots and the palette. fantastic swatches. i really want the blue smudgepot and the palette too. apparently, its US only release. But how to Spree?

celest said...

hi Kas, thanks for visiting my blog. i think the stila official website accepts international orders. so you just have to order direct via the website and pool with your friends to share shipping. the new smudge pots and the lip enamel luxe gloss from the Barbie collection are really pretty too.