Saturday, September 19, 2009

awesome japanese "mooks" and their GWPs

i've always joked that if i lived in japan, i would go bankrupt. lol.
seriously, look at all their amazingly fine, beautiful, perfectly packaged, quality products and merchandise... unless i somehow find a way to earn millions of dollars (not japanese yen) a month, there's just no way i can survive this whole all-things-perfectly-pretty world. lol. i know myself, simply wouldn't be able to resist.

today i learned a new word:
mook - "a j
apanese contraction of the english words magazine and book. mooks are books with the look, design, and layout of magazines. there are literally thousands of these beautiful, full color publications to be found relating to the world of anime and other topics." (source: the black moon)

i have never toured japan (not counting the several flight transits at tokyo's narita airport), i would really like to do that some day. but before that, gotta make sure i save up enough shopping funds ;) other things aside, just the array of japanese fashion magazines are enough to kill anyone who's drawn to cute, pretty, girly things.

take a look at these recent mooks and the gorgeous GWP (gift with purchase) bags and little trinkets that come with each issue! OMG.. no wonder japanese magazines and mooks - despite the steep prices and long queues - sell like hotcakes even here in singapore. i want them too!

see more amazing japanese fashion and beauty products on rouge deluxe.

(photo courtesy of rouge deluxe)

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