Sunday, September 13, 2009

resident cat

recently (about a month or two) a stray female cat - which i've now termed the "resident cat" - moved into our neighbourhood and somehow just decided to stay put. it is not uncommon to find stray cats in our area because some cat-lovers would always come round to feed these cats, but this particular kitty feels closer because she has chosen to hang right around the lift lobby of the block i'm staying at. so we would see her every morning either staring nonchalantly up at people coming out of the lift, or licking itself in some of her cutest acrobatic poses.

even though i don't own this cat, nor do i feed it (i've seen a small container of cat feed and fresh water behind a pillar on ground floor), i have come to find joy in seeing her around in the mornings as i head out to work, and almost every evening before i walk into the lift on my way home. and i would always greet her with a meowy hi whenever i see her too. not an overly warm cat, she'd usually only respond with a i-can't-be-bothered puzzled look, or an occasion meow, and then go back to whatever she's doing or head on to sleep. i find that "garfield-ish attitude" of hers very cute. hehe.

i hope resident cat will hang around for a longer while, or even stay on permanently. it's just kinda nice having a familiar fluffy little pet to look forward to at the end of each work day :)

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