Thursday, September 24, 2009

coach's first-in-asia flagship store coming to paragon singapore

i first heard of coach opening a new store in paragon from carolyn, good news for coach fans like me even though i very rarely buy coach items locally.

today, i read that this new coach store - set to open in october 2009 at paragon - will be coach's first flagship store here in singapore, and supposedly a first-of-its-kind in asia too. very cool!

i'm definitely excited and looking forward to see and experience the new store (plus check out the limited edition handbags specially released in line with the event). wonder if i can get myself invited to the store opening next month.
anyone knows a coach sales assistant, employee or high net-worth customer? ;)

"Come October, leading American designer brand Coach will open its first flagship store in Singapore at Paragon, offering an assortment of Coach’s pinnacle products. A first of its kind in Asia, the store design concept will feature an intimate, residential New York attitude." (abstract from

"To mark its Paragon opening in early October 2009, Coach has created a limited edition collection of handbags – the Park Metallic Slim Tote and Small Hobo. Available only at the Coach Paragon store, the Parker styles will be fabricated exclusively in luxe rose gold leather. The unique handbags are limited to a total of 100 pieces." (abstract from press release - annex A)

something disturbing though...

take a look at the third square in the following "calendar of events" i just found on coach's website. i truly hope this is either a coincidental mix of two key events happening on the same day, a typo error, or just some random text that's not supposed to make any sense... but i have an inkling that somebody from coach's HQ marketing/web team has a serious problem with geography and identification between different countries in our part of the world. *BIG SIGH*. i'm saddened to see this (big discount on coach branding if that's true) *boohoo* :(

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