Thursday, July 22, 2010

coca-cola on the go...

i'm not a coke fan, but i know many friends who are. i'm like an old auntie.. hehe, my favourite drink is hot milk tea, and i seldom or almost never take cold drinks, especially the carbonated ones. nonetheless, that didn't stop me from bagging a set of these coca-cola cuties the moment i saw them at the store! ok, i don't use 4 lip balms/gloss at the same time - the regular coke set is a surprise gift for a gf, mine's the vanilla lip balm *slurp.. yummy* (it smells and even tastes a little like the real thing!)

i've always read of lip smacker and their wide range of very interesting co-branded and food/drink-flavoured lip products online, but sadly they're just hardly available here in Singapore. in recent years, thanks to globalisation, expanding retail giants and even the more enterprising smaller blogshops, we're now beginning to find more exciting, cutesy merchandises on our tiny little island too :)
besides the regular coca-cola and vanilla coke flavours, i also spotted sprite, fanta - strawberry, orange & grape too! such lovely collectibles.. hurry, go grab yours today before they're all gone!

available at Guardian Pharmacy at the following prices:
  • regular lip balm (S$4.90)
  • clear lip gloss (S$6.90)
  • roller-ball lip gloss (S$7.90)
  • packaged set of all 3 lip items (S$15.90)
i hope they'll bring in the lip smacker paul frank lip balms set too.. way toooooooo adorable! (don't ask me how i'll ever get to finish my lip balms) :P


carolyn said...

oh, i didn't know it was from lipsmacker :D used to buy them when i was a teenager. or bonne bell. all the drugstore/supermarket products :p i miss cover girl nail polish!

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