Wednesday, July 07, 2010

wait no more, SMS a cab

this is certainly not a new service (launched since april 2008), but i've only recently started using this and only then realised what a breeze it is SMSing a cab. so now i'm a convert :)

i'm sure all of us have had the experience of waiting endlessly in the taxi queues during peak hours in town or in the CBD area on a workday; sometimes calling for a cab on a rainy Friday evening and being put on hold for over 20 minutes without any luck. my worst experience was calling the CityCab hotline for 20 minutes without any luck, and when i finally managed to get to an operator, they put me on hold for so long that the line got cut off on its own, and so it's back to square one in the end *sigh*

anyway, i'm not saying Comfort Delgro's SMS-a-cab guarantees you a taxi at all times, but it sure beats having to call and wait for eternity before getting to speak to an operator, especially during those dreadful peak hours. to start, all you need is either the taxi stand number, the fastcall pin code, the exact address or postal code of your pick up point, then send an SMS to "71222" with the following details (in the exact format):

so far, all my SMS-a-cab experience have been pretty good. prompt reply within minutes (even when it's a reply that said "We're sorry all our cabs are fully occupied in your area, please try again later"). i've also been going around strongly recommending this to my friends.. hmm.. perhaps when everyone starts using this service, the response rate may dip :P

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