Monday, July 05, 2010

the 'de-stress' stash...

you know what's my boss's favourite way to show that he cares?
he makes sure the pantry is always stocked up with an overwhelming supply of "good stuff" for us lol..

oh gosh, each time he does this, i get a mini heart attack!

i try so hard to avoid that sinful corner whenever i fill up my water at the dispenser... but i have to admit, it's so tempting! especially during mid-day when you get a little peckish and start hearing other colleagues tearing open and munching on packs of mamee or chips *yikes!* sometimes i could smell it too! but it's just sooo soooo sinful! *tsk tsk* :P

good thing my seat is as far away as it could be from that corner...
of course, that doesn't mean i'm 100% safe from the evils.

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