Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i lost my voice

down with a sudden fever, throat infection and such last week, i've lost my voice for the past two days, could not utter a word at all. i was back at work in the office yesterday, armed with a mini stack of recycled calendar paper and a pen, scribbling everywhere i go.. guess it was pretty fun, and quiet. lol (actually, in my case.. laughing in silence.. hehe).

this morning, i finally got my voice back, well.. somewhat - if you can consider the hoarse and muffled sounds i am beginning to make, a voice. at least i don't have to rely on the pen and paper anymore. if you listen intently enough, you'll get what i say.

i just logged on to igoogle and here's my horoscope for today... such an irony, thought i'd share :P

Libra - You can trick yourself into believing nearly anything today, but you probably won't be inclined to share your experiences until later this evening. However, once you begin talking, it might be difficult to know when to stop because your judgment isn't as sharp as usual. Remember, less is more. You're likely to get into trouble for what you say, rather than for what you didn't. (tarot.com)

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