Monday, July 12, 2010

would you smile for an ice-cream? ;)

i would! :)

check out this really cool smile-activated vending machine - Share Happy Ice-Cream Machine, commissioned by Unilever.

(courtesy of LionsDailyNews2010 on youtube)

it's a very cute idea, though i doubt it'll continue to give our free ice-cream forever...

i certainly wouldn't mind smiling for a free cone or creamy scoop on a hot summer afternoon, though i'm not so sure about the uploading to Facebook part, but i guess it'll be quite funny seeing photos of grown-up men and women trying to smile as big as possible to pass the detector. lol.. cute.

also check out: Coca-Cola Happiness Machine (both developed by SapientNitro)


maameemoomoo said...

I would, no doubt about that at all!

celest said...

lol.. i would smile for your homemade ice-cream :)