Friday, July 16, 2010

the Internet acronyms test - what is your score?

how well do you know your Internet acronyms? :)

in this day and age where
anything most things quick, easy, shortcut are associated with better efficiency, we find ourselves bombarded with an ever-growing list of acronyms everywhere we go. ok, i'm not referring to the almost gibberish text-message-style abbreviations or slangs such as 'dunno', 'i luv u', 'wer r u', 'nmd abt tat ger who bot ur reserved makeup, more stks wil cum in tml', 'wat wer u tinking', 'i tot i saw u der'... *shudder* or the informal chat style short forms such as LOL, ROFLMAO, BRB, IDK, IIRC, IMHO, TMI...

what i'm talking about here are the common, universally recognised Internet (or tech) acronyms that we use so often in our daily lives that we wouldn't even stop to think twice about. so short, so quick, used so easily, that we probably didn't even realise that we didn't know what they stand for in the first place.

so, let's try this quick little test.. see how well you fare (without cheating) ;)

ps: this list is by no means exhaustive, i'm just listing those at the top of my mind. please feel free to add on in the comments too.
  1. WWW
  2. URL
  3. HTML
  4. HTTP
  5. FTP
  6. RSS
  7. DOS
  8. SMS
  9. MMS
  10. PDF
  11. MP3
  12. JPEG
  13. GIF
  14. EPS
  15. SEO
  16. CSS
  17. API
  18. CMYK
  19. RGB
  20. ATM
  21. bonus: IBM
    - yup, the company that recently messed up DBS ATMs islandwide

(scroll to the end of this post for the answers)

inspirations and resources:
(scroll further down for the answers)

(1) world wide web (2) uniform resource locator (3) hypertext markup language (4)
hypertext transfer/transport protocol (5) file transfer protocol (6) really simple syndication (7) disk operating system (8) short message service (9) multimedia messaging service (10) portable document format (11) moving picture experts group-1 (MPEG-1) audio layer 3 (12) joint photographic experts group (13) graphics interchange format (14) encapsulated postscript (15) search engine optimisation (16) cascading style sheets (17) application programming interface (18) cyan, magenta, yellow, key black (19) red, green, blue (20) automated teller machine (21) international business machines


carolyn said...

it's all so work-related!!! hahahahaha.

ATM can also mean "at the moment" for chat lingo :p

celest said...

haha.. well i guess some of them could be quite technical, but i thought most of them are common in our daily life - eg. JPEG, anyone who takes digital photos or shares them wouldn't be unfamiliar with that.

and the same goes for URL, HTML, HTTP.. these are Web fundamentals, aren't they? :P