Wednesday, June 09, 2010

cheezels biskitz

i went to NTUC fairprice (supermarket) on my way home after work yesterday, stocked up some snacks for the office and saw these near the checkout counters.

you know i love to try anything new, let alone cheesy snacks! :P
(ok, not really anything, but you get what i mean). there are 3 flavours available - original cheese, chilli cheese, sour cream and cheese - i bought the latter 2.

priced at S$4.20 @ NTUC Fairprice, each box comes with 6 x 30g mini packs inside, and the box can even be folded to display nicely (like a convenience store) on your table top, so cute :)

i enjoyed them both, yumm yumm.. salty, cheesy, tasty.
and everyone can smell it when you pop a pack :P

the only complaint i have.. these 'biskitz' stick to your teeth when you chew into them, so prepare a toothbrush, rinse or floss if you have an important meeting after ;)

if you like cheesy flavours, give these a try!
oh, and if this is of any consolation... these are 'baked, not fried'. lol.

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