Saturday, June 05, 2010

if you can't eat them, lick them ;)

saw these lovely fairy cakes lip balms on vie couture, sooooo cute! :)
i love how pretty these look, and the packaging too.
would make wonderful stocking stuffers or little party favours.

available from asos at £6 per set of 4.

ooh.. and check these out too.. flower power!
ooh la la!!
also available from asos at £5 per set of 2.
anyone spreeing from asos soon? ;)

kinda reminds me of the one donut lip gloss i have.
mine's the pink donut - plain gloss version.
*happy smile*
if you're also into girly funky lip balms and glosses, check out more on these sites:
- asos
totally funky
- cupcakes & cartwheels via
- sweet shop via

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