Wednesday, June 16, 2010

serious flooding on Orchard Road

this was what happened to Orchard Road (Singapore), after 2 mornings of seriously heavy downpour...

pictures were taken this morning (16 june).

source: unknown (forwarded by colleagues via email)

wow. i have never seen Orchard Road like this before. Lucky Plaza, Liat Towers.. many of the lower-level shops were semi drowned in rain water. there are video clips showing ankle-high flooding in the basement of Lucky Plaza too... poor guys. i bet the losses and damages are quite bad, and if Orchard Road was this flooded, i'm sure some other areas might be worse.

see more photos of the flood here and here (scroll to bottom).

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carolyn said...

the YOG stores are half submerged in the water. the water level is higher than on the road?

probably too late to save the merchandise since they are opened later?

celest said...

hmm.. now that you mentioned, that photo at Ngee Ann City courtyard does look a little weird, like it's digitally tampered. or perhaps it's just cuz of the blurred image.

anyway, i'm sure the damage is quite significant that morning.