Friday, June 18, 2010

take a road trip round U.S.A. and more with stila!

wow. i really like this "wish you were here" stila online campaign.
of course, i may be a tad bit biased because i've been a stila cosmetics fan forever *smile*... but when i first saw the landing page of this campaign, i literally went "wow!" :) me likey!

stila has been a little boring in recent years, and honestly i don't expect even this new campaign to revive much of the dwindling interests from the general public. BUT i just gotta give special mention to this because it really is quite something i've not seen from the regular cosmetics brand for a while now. i like how simple, integrated, cute and fun this whole idea is..

so, follow Kylie (the 1st virtual stila girl) on her road trip in U.S.A, then meet other virtual stila girls in other countries - France, Russia, Japan, Fiji - along the way, and pick up more awesome new deals too!

to kickstart the trip, get your hands on this lovely compact palette (worth US$65) for only... US$10! unbelievable! i want one too.. or rather, i want ALL 5 of them! :D

well done, stila!
wish i were there...
spree, anyone? :P

ps: Borderlinx Singapore currently has a '15% off shipping' promo.
apply discount code:
440067 or 804062 (till 31 july 2010) :)


carolyn said...

it's my color!

celest said...

hehe.. is it purple? thought it looks pink + brown ;) such a good deal, isn't it?