Monday, June 14, 2010

the Vuvuzelas - to stay or not to stay?

i'm not a soccer fan, hardly even follow the hugely popular (in Singapore) English Premier League, but who can resist catching a match or two of the one-in-four-year FIFA World Cup, even for a soccer noob? :)

my brother's not home these days, so we did not subscribe to the World Cup channels on cable. i did however sit down to watch the 1st opening match between South Africa and Mexico on local mediacorp TV Channel 5 last friday.

when the match started airing at 10:00pm here, i noticed a distinctive constant honking noise around the stadium. i couldn't make out what it was, thought it was perhaps caused by some international broadcast connectivity problem. so, i temporary switched channels and came back to Channel 5 again about 15 mins. later. but it didn't work, the constant droning in the background remained and it was beginning to get so annoying it drowned out the excitement of the match. i couldn't feel or sense the crowd or hear the commentators clearly, and it made me wanna stop watching. and finally, after another 5 minutes of staring at the screen with the increasingly annoying noise at the back, i gave up and decided World Cup was just not for me. so i switched channel and played my pre-recorded NCIS TV drama episodes instead :)

of course, i must admit, i am not a soccer fan nor a World Cup fan. my first attempt at watching a World Cup 2010 match failed, and i still had no idea what made that annoying buzz at the stadium... until i read a few articles today. apparently, this had already sparked off quite a controversy, with many international players and viewers rooting to get it banned.
so what exactly is it? do you feel the same way about it too?

the Vuvuzela
reactions to the Vuvuzela at the World Cup 2010:
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