Sunday, June 06, 2010

one day, i will buy myself one of these...

aren't these some of the prettiest rings you've seen?
they say diamonds are a girl's best friend, i don't know why. perhaps it's the charming sparkles, the glorious glittering cuts, or the beautiful promise of eternity... but there's sure an unexplainable allure about them.

i've secretly wanted to buy myself one of these dazzling diamond rings for a very long time.
many many years ago when i received my very first full-time salary, i quietly stood outside a Lee Hwa Jewellery store and drooled over a tiny diamond ring named 'Celestial'. it was a really simple tiny dot of a diamond, but was retailing over SGD400 at that time - tempting but still too much for me to stomach then.

many years have since passed, and now Goldheart has an entire gorgeous collection of diamond pieces trademarked 'Celestial®'. so for me, that means more temptations, bigger price tags, fatter lemmings :)

of course, i haven't really gotten around to realising that big splurge, but i know one of these days, i will get myself a truly breathtaking solitaire piece. and it will be named Celestial, because who can resist a solitaire named for you? ;)

for now, i shall just continue to drool over the catalogues.

ps: the Great Goldheart Sale is now on, check the stores for details.

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