Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my new Old Navy swimwear

say hello to my new swimsuit from Old Navy online :)

this was on sale and i just couldn't resist the marked down price (US$19 + further 20% off), plus all my favourite things on it - ruffles, polka dots, ribbons, brown... you get the idea :)

needless to say, i got this in 'brown dots' colour. too cute!
confession: all my one-piece swimsuits are polka-dotted *oops*. well, what can i say? i stay true to my style. lol. i just keep getting drawn to them.

i'd never purchased swimwear online before, too risky without actually trying it on (especially for international orders) but i decided to give it a shot anyway, and so glad i did. this fits just right when i tried it on last night - a classic piece, fully lined, not too flashy, covers enough and shows off just enough too ;) i'm loving it.

yay! can't wait to go swimming this weekend..


carolyn said...

that's pretty :)

celest said...

hehehe, yup :)